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The Baby Depot Boutique

A place where families of babies in need shop for FREE in the heart of Hamilton!

Purpose of the boutique

The Baby Depot Boutique offers a safe space for families in need to shop for their little ones, completely for free!  The mission of The Baby Depot continues to be donating a year’s worth of baby clothing and supplies to babies in need, and The Boutique adds a personal layer to this process. We see this as an opportunity to bring dignity into the process for the families we serve and encourage their role as caregivers. Our hope is that The Baby Depot Boutique will create a sense of community and show our neighbors that there are people to support them!  

Who is allowed to access the space?

Families must be referred to us from an approved social agency or worker. Our partners include a variety of social workers and agencies from within the Hamilton community. Families who show financial need and require support for acquiring baby items may be able to access the space to get the supplies they need to care for their babies! 

What happens there?

Families will schedule an hour-long appointment at The Baby Depot Boutique via a social agency. Upon arrival, families will receive a shopping cart and will be provided guidance about the store, process and a general outline of the items to select. Then, the families can shop and personally go through and select the items they want. During this time, we offer support to the family and get to know them. At the end, all of their items are folded and packed for them to take home. Our families leave with packed bags and large items so they can be prepared for an entire year of baby care!

Where is it?

The Baby Depot Boutique is located in the Barton Village of the Hamilton community! We are at 669 Barton St E, which is at the corner of Barton and Sherman Ave.   

Times of Operation 

The Baby Depot Boutique is open to families by appointment on Mondays and Fridays from 10am to 3pm, and Wednesdays from 2pm to 6pm. The Baby Depot Boutique will also be open at times of donation drop offs, which is mentioned below.  

Donation drop off times

Looking to donate items? Come by The Baby Depot Boutique! We have drop off times at this location on Mondays and Fridays from 10am to 3pm. Please contact us prior to drop off to confirm with our Program Coordinator. Thank you for your interest in donating!

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