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This Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, you have the opportunity to make life a little easier for struggling Moms and Dads and help give hope.  

What if this Mother’s Day, you gave the gift of hope to a mother struggling to make ends meet on behalf of a mom in your life?

And what if, on Father’s Day, you walked on behalf of the many dads in our city struggling to make ends meet for their little ones?

Could you tell your family that as part of a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, you want them to make a donation to The Baby Depot.

The picture above is our front window that looks out onto Barton Street East!

For a donation of $25 or more we will send you a Footnote stencil (see below).  Write a word of encouragement to a parent in need! Maybe it is a piece of advice you got when you were a new parent or simply a message of hope you would like to share. Send it back to us, and our goal is to cover our window with messages and encourage someone this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. All proceeds from this initiative will go directly to the work of The Baby Depot!

Encourage a Parent in need with a Footnote!

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